If you give pause
to think of your mount
to tally it’s flaws
and make an account
do not be rash
and think you might profit
by trading for cash
on a newer rice rocket.
You’ll only be trading
problems well known
for beauty soon fading
and flaws yet unshown.
Go and enjoy
a night on the town
with your old toy
it’s familiar sound
and ride on I say
to life’s next junction
till comes a day
it ceases to function.
At that sad time
you may think back
to this little rhyme
as you hail a hack.
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2 Responses to Ride

  1. murray says:

    Just had to leave a comment…nice poetry, very unique, I\’m assuming you\’ve wrote it :). nice space

  2. murray says:

    Thx for the insight on Easter 🙂

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