Hyphenated christians

Catholics aren’t christian neither are any of the other hyphenated christians, you can’t join yourself to god AND to earthly institutions. Spiritual means forget about the physical and what other people teach. Love not life unto death. But no-one understands, the number of christian religons that have separated themselves from one another with earthly names numbers around five thousand, jews likewise are seperated from one another as are the muslims. Wake up and see the mind control, satan has you all in little groups so you might war amongst yourselves. The dumbest generations in history also see themselves as the most educated but they have forgotten what is a demon and how to recognize a jinn. You talk about people and their institutions but I tell you now that I mock them all. None are true, all are tainted with evil, if you think I’m wrong then tell me about the TRUE religon and I will tell you where they lost their way. The term christian is a slur perpetrated by the Romans. Better to use the label given you in a spirit of spite and ridicule than to invent your own in a spirit of pride.
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