Overthrow government for the 95%

Today we can create the democracy that was once dreamed of, where the government appeals to the people with it’s problems and proposed solutions and asks, ‘what would you have us do?’. Imagine how good it would feel to have the government actually doing things in your interest, asking for your input? Nowhere is the population of any country so empowered, it would be a thing called Democracy. Not just a vote, one singular every four years, for a candidate groomed by a party funded by business,that would be far from democratic. In a Democracy every issue would be voted on and not passed until a significant majority deemed it necessary. Our government might do a little less and more slowly at first, but we would know what it was doing. Today politicians cut back room deals and defeat popular legislation by using the senate, in the end their interests are, in order, themselves, their financial supporters, their party and other. We are other, they never eat with us, work with us or play with us, they certainly don’t suffer with us regardless of the economy. In a true Democracy we would have more say than the 5% or less that owns our debts and our places of business because there are more of us and in a Democracy the majority rules. You rule, if only you can make those leaders in government act properly and democratically as employees of the government and subject themselves to your authority. We’ll probably have to drag most of them out kicking and screaming, but I’m sure there are some that would like to represent Canadians rather than lead them. Imagine having people perfectly suited to their ministerial position in government, or else they’re fired, by popular vote. Imagine corporations competing for oil sands contracts having to offer something back to all Canadians rather than a few local kickbacks and greased palms. Imagine all the things Canadians find important about Canada and living here being important to the government as well. Imagine one more thing, how nice it would be to actually know what the government is spending it’s money on. Ever seen the actual budget, no, we can’t all be too stupid to understand it but still we just take it from the next government that the previous cooked the books and it’s going to cost us,the 95%, more. I think we should just run the government, you, me all of us, we could do worse or we could do better but we would be doing it for us. Which is more than you can say for our ‘leaders’, who have different priorities and obligations. Overthrow this government that holds you back and down while claiming to be democratic and show them how it’s really done.

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