FreznoBob takes on climate change–>

Whatever happened to the hole in the ozone layer, you don’t hear about it anymore, why?
Well, it turns out that the hole is getting smaller, and sooner than it should have. It seems we have too little understanding of the high energy physics that goes on in the ionosphere. No problem, the people who introduced you to the ozone layer(see below)now bring you ‘climate change’. Formerly it was known as ‘global warming’ but that was to specific and easily disproven, ‘global climat change’ on the other hand, is semantically designed to resist intelligent assault. But let me try anyway.
If you can say anything, universally true, about the weather it would be that it is in a constant state of change. The weather changes not just by the month or season, but it varies over the years, decades, centuries and millenia.
We know that, just a brief 8-10 thousand years ago, the earth emerged from a cataclysmic reoccuring ice age and today it’s covered in deserts. On a cosmic timescale the earth is a turbulent shifting landscape of violent climate change and far from a state of equilibrium. In a few thousand years, give or take a thousand, the earth will revert to it’s former ice-ball and the equatorial deserts will be green again. The change to an ice-age would be rather abrupt, from a year to a decade, followed by a slow warming over the next 20 to 30 thousand years, after which the cycle repeats itself.
The dates are approximations but the reality is indisputable, the earth suffers from catastrophic climate change which will wipe out most of the civilizations on earth.
We view our problems through the ego-centric window of a short lifespan and see only the rising temperatures while we pose as the responsible parties. The understanding of and solution to the problem hinges on multi-generational thinking and co-operation. Climate change is not some new bogeyman but an old one who has snuck up and killed us a hundred times yet noone has found a way to beat him yet. It’s time we found a new paradigm like, ‘climate control’ but on a global scale, time to man-up and play earth ball, if we don’t tame and control our planet it will be the death of us.
The people in power are dupes to money, people with money fund scientific research and that research proves what they want it to prove or it doesn’t get funded.
Did you know that companies which produce CFC’s funded the research that claimed CFC’s were harming the ozone layer. Why would they do that, wouldn’t that be cutting their own throats? Were the CEO’s of these companies caught in an altruistic fervor that made them seek out any damage their product might have caused and publicly expose their companies at the risk of possible litigation? Who are these brave people who seem to have risked their livelyhoods by getting their patented CFC products banned.
It turns out that the patent was about to run out and anybody would be able to legally manufacture CFC’s. At that time 60% of worldwide CFC production was handled by just 4 companies that stood to lose future fortunes when their patents and monopolies ran out.
It’s a good thing for them that they had aquired all the patents on possible replacements for CFC’s beforehand. Foresight or manipulation?…It’s easy to judge after the fact but the trick is figuring out you’re being used before legislation is written and your pockets are emptied.
We see the same sort of flim/flam operation in the anti-global warming camp. Carbon taxing, for instance, costs the consumer more money, when companies reach their carbon limit they can use some of that money to buy carbon credits from companies that haven’t reached their limit. Sounds like companies sharing profits, I wonder how you join their select group, I’d love to sell a carbon credit myself but I doubt I’d be doing the planet any good and neither are they.
Do I want to stop global warming?
I don’t have enough data to answer that question, that’s not a cop out, it’s a fact, let me explain why. Global warming is currently not as dire a threat as a global ice-age. We don’t know if global warming causes an ice-age or is preventing one, by some estimates the ice-age should have already started. We haven’t pooled and evaluated enough scientific information to make such, potentially, earth shattering decisions.
What is obvious to me is that one day we will have to take control of earth’s environment and cure the conditions that keep killing off it’s inhabitants. I know that there are tree-huggers out there that believe if we simply used less technology and let mother-nature take her course everything would be alright. I wonder if they would feel the same if it were their bodies suffering a life-threatening condition, would they prefer that nature simply take her course with them?
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