Stone age diseases and lack thereof

Stone-age fossils of men show a great deal of healed injuries. It’s of little doubt that their existence was hard and dangerous and injuries were grievous and common. What is also obvious is that these stone aged fossils show recovery from wounds that would be fatal if not for modern antibiotics and yet they survived. A common belief is that these men were physically hardier than men of today but I ask you to consider why? Why did primitve men survive injuries that would kill most modern men even with the aid of drugs? The answer is microbes, microscopic particles, living and dead, plant, animal and virus(machine). They all contribute to the destruction of life and the dissolution of living flesh and they’re a recent addition to our world. The fact that there was no wild, airborne yeast in the Americas prior to European invasion proves that they did not evolve alongside our ancestors who, along with the animals, managed to penetrate even the deepest jungle. If microbes had evolved with us they would have differentiated equally and the Europeans would have been equally at risk and sickened by American diseases as the Indians were by European diseases.  This was not the case and to this day isolated communities are at risk from diseases of the outside world. Diseases come, en masse from specific areas of the globe and usually centre on populated areas. This may suggest a release zone and, the many unrelated pathogens, a targetted malevolence. One can easily conclude that life as we know it is under assault and with signs of tactical consideration. There is no doubt that microbial communities can exhibit intelligence but it would be foolhardy to overestimate it’s abilities at the cost of ignoring it’s possible creators. If the microbes fell from space or evolved here they would be equally distributed across the face of the earth and all areas would be equally contagious or non-contagious to one another. The fact that many of the contagions share a common dispersal area suggests one of two things. An emergent lifeform materialized out of the dust a few thousand years ago and gave birth to millions of different plant and animal microbes or someone from another biosphere arrived here carrying his own blend of microbes which started spheres of infection. An extraterrestrial Typhoid-Mary would seem to be the simplest answer to this anomaly and, should Occam’s razor be applied, it would fare well as a theory. It may be time we started charting microbes by era of infection and see if we can begin to differentiate indigenous organisms from otherwise.
When did the change begin?
Homer wrote that there was nothing similar between the race of gods and the race of men, when did we take that thought to the extreme and take them off the world and out of existence. We marvel, now, that we don’t see the gods and demons that populated our ancestors existence but would we recognize them? Magic, as we all know, is just a term used when a disproportionately advanced form of technology is encountered. Our ancestors were well aware of the fact that beings of alien race descended from the heavens and possessed magic. We now dismiss the writings of our educated forebears as folklore, superstition, myth and legend. Though machines look for alien life on Mars at this very moment you’d be called a fool if you suggested that it’s right here living among us, and possibly killing you as you sit reading.
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