War is clear evidence of political failure. If the worls had shown political skill and unitedly denounced Hitlers aggression war would have come to an early end. I won’t go into America’s support and Praise (yes with a capital) of Hitler at this time. Could not have intelligent politicians,seeing Germany’s economic condition and hearing Nazi dogma(eugenics), foreseen and forestalled any and all aggression. Do we need war? Can we stop wars? A coalition of socially responsible,antiwar (economic and physical) sovereign states (hopefully a growing club) might provide the pressure that forces aggressive governments to seek alternative political solutions. Then the same coalition could offer to aid with those solutions. If succesful the formerly aggressive country would be encouraged to support or join the coalition. Could the same be done with a one world government or would they always seem to be imposing and repressing. People unhappy with a system can vote in new leaders. Since this rarely changes a system some of these people may still be unhappy.most will do nothing (grumble), some will become dissidents (trouble) but many will just move to another country and system (no trouble). Without the safety valve of emigration for change anger and grumbling will prove to be a growing and contagious disease. Should this disenchanted population lack political skill civil world war  would result providing us with a new series of historical acronyms, CWWI, CWWII etc
ignore this text I’m obviously well into my cups and unintelligible
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