Plate tectonics debunked

FreznoBob takes on plate-tectonics–>
comets were much more common in the solar system but their affinity for the sun has dwindled their numbers. Each time that a comet passed through the earths ecliptic plane it would leave behind a discharged trail of ice crystals. As the earth passed through this trail, on it’s journey around the sun, it would sweep up these crystals which would subsequently rain out as water for upwards of a month. As the weight of the dense water increased in the basins the rock on land would be thrust upward until the weight was distributed equally. This is the reason we have aquatic fossils on mountaintops, a spreading seafloor, and continental drift, it is also part of the reason why the earth is expanding. In the folklore and history of many nations lies a story of a great deluge, not least of which is the story of Noah. Many ‘scholars’ scoff at the idea claiming there is no mechanism by which such might happen naturally yet here I am to give you just such a mechanism. The idea that the Earth might pass through the wake of a comet is not a possibility, nor is it a probability but in fact it is virtually imperative that it do so many, many times over throughout it’s history. When people ask me if the great flood really happened I might answer ‘which one?’.
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