Put an end to racial and social inequality with The Etobicoke Proposal

There was once a belief that some were born to greatness while others (most) were destined to toil and each according to the station of his birth. Men were violently discouraged from rising above the rank of their fathers. If your father was a miner you would be required to mine, if you were unwilling or unable to do your job you might be able to look for work below your station but not above. The ruling classes considered themselves genetically superior to those they ruled, this developed into a science called Eugenics. Eugenics claimed that the poor could do nothng but breed more children destined to poverty and that, like their parents, they could not achieve a better life because they lacked the mental capacity to succeed. This theory was embraced by the upper classes in Europe and North America and was the moral basis for conquering and occupying many African countries. These beliefs have been with us for ages and have guided the elite and powerful to restrict and control their bloodlines, to this very day, in the belief that they are somehow physically and mentally superior to you and me. This belief must now end, all men must be empowered to an equal level of influence over the government regardless of wealth or or social status. Only then will all men and women truly be equal, when all are leaders, when the masses rise above the station of follower.
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