I didn’t have change
to go to the fair
so I found a book
and read of them there.
I went to your house
and you weren’t there
no soul did I find.
Still at the fair?
I went to the woods
and left your bare home
I found many trails
and far did I roam
I lived there in peace
forgot I the fair
the comfortable homes
and friends I left there
Till one day I roamed
too far and caught site
of crumbled down homes
afflicted with blight
In fear did I flee
back out to the wood
Where a crude hewn hut
hopefully still stood
I found my old hut
and set I the clocks
then cleaned up a bit
to wait out the pox
No more did I roam
nor did I backtrack
if one thing I’ve learned
it’s never go back.
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